How to celebrate Christmas with family

Christmas is celebrated in the honor of Jesus birth, so it should be celebrated every year in a perfect manner. There are various things that can be done by the people to make that day special and memorable, and if a family of a person is with him, then it will be a very nice

Reclaim your Internet privacy: Say yes to VPN services and Smart DNS!

Web activity was always meant to be private and secured, away from the hackers on the look for vulnerabilities in the system and industry giants pouncing on the users for big data. Internet was never meant to be this way, and with the latest revelations of Snowden on how your data isn’t safe and secured

Top 5 Slimmest Smartphones

There was a time when mobile phones were so thick that it would not stay properly in hand. They were heavy, thick and big in size. But, the time has changed and so does the mobile phones. Now, we are living in an era where every company is trying to make mobile phones as thin

Split Large PST Files to Reduce Outlook Data File

To get along with the disruptive technology, Microsoft Outlook has been one of the most preferred email clients in organizations. However, large PST files have been one of the complexities associated with Outlook and there is recurrent demand to split PST file by users. PST files contains two file formats ANSI/UNICODE, where ANSI files Support

How to Make the Best Use of Website?

Anyone who wants property related information can obtain virtually all of it on The information provided here does not pertain to news items and general real estate trends. The information provided by is specific to the cities that it caters to. This information is further broken down into locality specific information so that

Movavi Software: – Be A Pro Video Blogger Without Any Effort

Whether you are in a party or out in a sun enjoying with your friends, making videos and movies is a trend these days. If you too love to make videos and clicking pictures then movie making software’s are great for you. There are some of the best companies that are offering people with best

Micromax To introduce Cyanogen Smartphones for Indians

Micromax is planning to launch new devices in Indian market. Now, they might come up with the new OS based on custom Android ROM maker, CyanogenMod. Yes! Micromax is setting up the plans to introduce this new device by the end of this year (2014). But there is no word about its official date till

The Best Tech Gaming Platforms

Humans need to engage in recreational activities from time to time otherwise the monotony of everyday life can weigh them down heavily. One of the best and most enjoyable forms of recreational activities would have to be video games because these are popular amongst all age groups. Video games are highly thrilling, which is what

Universal Media Server 4.0.0

The Universal Media Server 4.0.0 provides you with a convenient method of streaming multimedia content to the Internet or a compatible device. It undertakes the role of an UPnP media server designed for sharing various media files over a dedicated server. It does not require complex configuration. The Universal media server supports various output devices

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal space program is a physics game in the sense of word. It is an actual literal text book full of science. It’s a game where the consumer needs to know priapism and apoapsis mean.It is a game about gormless, wide eyed cartoon characters who wants to be astronauts.The comparison between goofy cartoon and hard-core