10 super charged apps to turbo-charge your work day


Do you want to charge up your work day in a single go? Well, with your Smartphones, tablets and some super purposeful apps, you can always enjoy your work better. Wondering what these app are? Here’s a list of 10 super apps which are absolutely handy at work.


1. Remember the Milk

This is one of the best and also an extremely powerful to-do list of the current age. This app is flexible, smart and absolutely easy to handle. Remember the milk is available in web, Android and apple.

2. Bump

Want to share stuff with your colleagues in a jiffy? Well, with Bump, things are easier, quicker and better as well. With this app you can transfer data to any other Smartphone or tablet with a single tap. Interesting, isn’t it?  You can also enjoy a cross-platform performance from it between Android and Apple. This app is extremely handy for budding entrepreneurs.

3. Google Drive

Google drive is one of the best apps for all office goers. This app is perfect for those who love working with the basics. Use the Google drive to make your to-do list, create and edit documents, pass messages to your colleagues and so on.

4. Buffer

If you are a social butterfly, or if you simply love being connected with the social media then buffer can work wonders for you. Now, very often you are unable to post stuff on the social media due to your super hectic schedules. In such cases, buffer lets you crate social posts for a week thereby distributing it to popular social networking sites to minimize the hassles for you.

5. Cardmunch

CardMunch is the 21st century business cards, conceptualized by LinkedIn. All you need to do is, get a snap of the business card and Cardmunch will get it uploaded both in LinkedIn and also in your respective device.

6. Google Goggles

Google Goggles redefines the power Google. Simply point the camera of your phone to anything which you want to know about. And, lo behold- Google Goggles will figure out whatever you have pointed thereby giving you a detailed insight on it. This app is available both on Android and apple.

7. CloudOn

If you cannot do without Windows office, then CloudOn is the perfect app for you. This app offers you an absolutely perfect Microsoft office environment, virtually. So, with this app you can now choose and use your favorite business software at the comfort of your Smartphones or tablets. CloudOn is available both for Android and Apple.

8. File Manager Pro

With this super handy app you can easily add, zip, unzip and also organize your files with a few taps. This app is absolutely perfect for Blackberry users.

9. Robin

Robin is a perfect app for all those tech geeks who want both Android and Siri, together. With this super handy app, you can check directions, gas prices, locate gas stations, get, a, scoop of the weather and so on. With these viable features, Robin is definitely your virtual personal assistant.

10. Google Chrome

Right now, life without Google Chrome is absolutely unimaginable. Use this light and extremely user friendly browser for browsing stuff quickly and easily. With its amazingly user friendly features and elegant interface, this app is a must have for all office goers. Chrome extensions are the best thing which extend the functionality of this browser to a greater extent.

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