7 tips to increase the lifespan of your PC


Do you want to enjoy a consistent performance from your PC in the long run? Well, you can always do so, with some viable PC maintenance tips. With these tips not only will you be able to enjoy the best from your PC, but your PC will also have a longer and better lifespan. Glance on, for a quick scoop of some innovative PC maintenance guidelines.

Keep it clean

Well, nothing is better than a spick and span PC. So, before everything else, you have to make sure that the PC is aptly cleaned from time to time. In fact, with time certain specks of dirt, dust and also hairballs accumulate within the PC. This in turn generates extra heat which eventually puts greater stress on the components of your hardware. This heat can result in reducing the life expectancy of your PC. So, in order to enjoy a longer and better performance, make sure your PC is cleaned, once in 6 months.


Proper ventilation

In order to enjoy a longer performance from your PC, you have to make sure that it has proper room for ventilation. So, ensure that your computer has proper access to cool air. In order to provide ample ventilation to your PC, you have to place it in a zone which does not have any heat vents or heaters.

Check and manage the hard drive issues

Your Hard-drives can eventually become corrupt with the constant ‘forced shut downs’, improper crashes and so on. This hard drive corruption in turn, will reduce the performance of your computer to a considerable extent. So, in order to manage the hassles use the check disk. This check disk will offer a few options for scanning and file repair which in turn will boost up your PC’s performance in a single go.

Disk defragmentation

Yes! Disk defragmentation can actually improve the performance of your PC. Windows has an inherent disk defragmentation option, which will scan your disk and improve the performance of your PC to a considerable extent. Try to defragment your computer atleast once in two months.

Protect your PC from power fluctuations

Power fluctuations can actually mar the performance of your computer. In fact, computers are extremely sensitive units and constant power fluctuations can take a toll on their performance. Moreover, the surge protectors of your PC can also lose their mechanism of protection with a single power fluctuation. So, whenever there is a high power fluctuation plug of your PC. This will reduce risks and offer a stronger performance from it in the long run.

Protect your PC from unnecessary power loss

When you have a power loss, all of a sudden then there is chance of losing your necessary documents and your files too can get corrupted. In order to protect your PC from unnecessary power loss, get hold of an UPS. This UPS will offer ample support to your PC even during the power loss, thereby enhancing its life expectancy in a jiffy.

Protection from virus

No computer is completely safe until t has proper virus protection. Deadly viruses can reduce the life span of your PC to a considerable extent. So, install proper antivirus software in your computer. This will reduce any impending risk and will also boost up the performance of your PC.

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