Apple set to launch 8GB iPhone 5c in India

Apple is all set to launch the 8GB iPhone 5C in India. The date of launch is yet to be announced, but according to latest tech updates this Smartphone biggie will be launched sometime, during this year. TheApple iPhone 8 GB will be the cheapest iPhone available in markets and so, Apple is all set to boost its sales from this latest iPhone.

This 8GB iPhone variant from Apple was officially launched in March. Back then, it was available in UK, France, China, Australia and also Germany. Recently, it was it was launched in a few more countries like Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Spain and Czech Republic. It was also available in the markets of countries like Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Norway. Quite remarkably, this phone has not yet been launched in USA.


Currently, as per latest tech updates Apple is all set to add India to this list. So, if these rumors are to be believed the cheapest variant of iPhone will soon be available in the Indian markets as well.

The 16GB variant of the iPhone 5c was launched in India with a price of Rs 41,900. Now, the 8GB variant is considerably cheaper than its contemporary,(about 50 Euros less) which is Rs 4,100 less according to the Indian currency. So, the 8 GB variant of iPhone 5c can be expected in a rate of Rs 35,000.

While the iPhone 5c, 8GB is not free from some impending limitations, yet, it has been a strategy of Apple to offer these ‘colorful’ phones at commendable rates, which in turn will push up the sales of the company. In fact, the clever strategy of offering iPhones in affordable rates has aptly helped Apple in the past. So, this time with iPhone 5c the Smartphone bigwig is all set for bigger and better profits.

Quite some time back, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple had highlighted and mentioned about the huge craze of Smartphones in Indian market. Industry insiders however credit the lucrative cash backs and superb exchange deals brought about by Apple as the reason for the Smartphone’s constant craze. In fact, Crook is absolutely overjoyed as the sales of iPhone in Vietnam and India has eventually doubled over a year itself.

The new iPhone 5C will surely have some innovative variations in both specifications and colors. According to the company heads of Apple, unlike the aluminum built iPhone 5c 32GB, this phone is going to boast some extremely vibrant and resplendent colors. It will also have some better tweaks and features which will offer an improved and smart performance.

According to latest updates, the phone will be launched in India within a few more weeks. Moreover, Apple will launch this Smartphone in a few other emerging markets to boost up the sales. Apple has made a huge record for boosting up its sales in BRIC countries. So, even though this new 8GB iPhone is pretty far from being perfect, it will still strengthen the hold of the company in emerging markets like India.

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