Avast free antivirus 2014- the best way to protect your devices


The online downloads on the computer and other devices are very harmful. They need more of security and protection. You get everything handy with just a click. The world and technology has advanced and are readily available for all to all the people, even in the corners of the world. You get across so many links and downloads and they are all free of cost. But you need to be very cautious in order to protect and prevent your device. Since the softwares that you might try to download may have virus in them and could harm your computers, laptops or other devices.



Antivirus is used to protect the computer, laptop, tabs, phones or any other electronic device which supports the software programming systems. Sometimes we are unaware of the consequences that we might have to face after downloading any apps for our use in the devices. Therefore, before we download we need to check them for the malfunction. Or you can also have an antivirus in your device to secure the data and protect the device from shutting down and hanging up. Antivirus is used for such purposes.There are various types and kinds of antivirus apps and programs that are easily available today. The online world offers you a range of apps and products for the antivirus. Some do support the android applications and apps. And some support the IOS.

Avast antivirus 2014

The first antivirus was released by the researcher PavelBaudis and Eduard Kucera. The avast antivirus had no license to launch on its own and so was compiled together with the ALWIL software as a cooperative. The ALWIL software got itself linked with SanDisk and when there was the localization of language, the users got amused by it. There were double the users with few days. And it reached 10 million users worldwide. And within a few months it got doubled up and there were more than 20 million users worldwide, which swept the popularity and the fame easily. Due to its user friendly interface and the language localization, the users used them with interest. Later, when there was much popularity and it grabbed many awards and names for it, the ALWIL software changed its name from the old to a new name AVAST software in the year 2010. It became one of the top rated app in the market and app stores. It also had the most number of downloads and users. This was also the best rated app in the google play.


After just a couple of years, the avast has launched so many other apps for the user friendly interface. There are more than 43 languages in which this app is available to download from the online market. The devices are kept updated by this app and are protected from the foreign virus attacking your device and causing harm to it. There are various versions available for the ones who wish to download the antivirus app.

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