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Messaging has taken many forms over the years. The simple text is the best way to follow but those who use chat sounds know the fun it involves. Also, sometimes using emoticons can also feel like a void because there is always a feeling the emoticons cannot express. Chaudible wants to change that for you. With sounds for chat it can feed your texts with emotions like none other.

Over the years even though text has taken its toll we do realize that somewhere we are misinterpreted because surely a sentence without sound cannot convey the emotions. Chaudible has 200+ sounds to choose from. You have various sounds pre installed in the app that you can instantly select and send. The app is integrated across almost all the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype or also the classic e-mail.


Chaudible not only allows you to send your emotions synched with sounds but also allows you to take voice notes and store them. Of course, if you want you can choose to send them to anyone. The pre-loaded sounds in Chaudible can also be set as your ringtone or you’re a notification alert tone. The 200+ sounds are of various varieties, believe me it is enough to be one of the most diverse sound apps.

This app allows you to have fun with scary sounds or sounds of animals or anything that you might want to choose to irritate a friend or tease them. Forget emoticons, this can surely be the next thing you want to use. The interface of the app is clean and the navigation fits really well. You won’t be lost or feel intrigued by the sheer amount of sounds to choose from as they are well categorized and labelled.

Chatting with sounds can really take a toll and Chaudible does that brilliantly for you. You can just select the attachments option and choose to send anything from Chaudible from sounds you record to pre-recorded sounds that it is meant to send. It is time to ditch buying stickers or use emotions. Express freely, express with Chaudible. Download the app now on Google Play Store.

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