Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Cool Prizes with TemplateMonster’s Social Stock!

As the name of this post says, here we are going to talk about recent social media project, called Social Stock. Originally such outstanding thing was made by a well-known developer of website templates – TemplateMonster, so have no doubts about the quality of a described project! What is more, Social Stock provides one with the unbelievable opportunities! Would you like to hear more about them? Thus, don’t stop reading.

Let’s start from the most delicious part of the project! First of all, TM provides its users with 8 various prizes that they can get with the help of Social Stock. To make things easier, the award depends on the sum of your points, but we will discuss the technical side of the program a little bit later! And now we propose you to view the full list of prizes that one is able to win! So, taking a part in Social Stock project you may win one or even all the shining prizes from the list below!

1. First of all, 10 usages of your promo-code means 100$ on your PayPal account! Hey, these are real money one can to get on the popular service that is recognized anyplace, so you are able to buy anything that you like!

2. Secondly, with the help of 20 points you will have a magnificent Smartwatch Pebble, which has such impressing characteristics as: instant notifications, iPhone and Android compatibility, long-lasting charge waterproof to 5AM fresh and saltwater and much more.

3. Thirdly, 50 points bring one a new iPad Mini 2 that has 331 g weight, over 475, 000 of the incredible iPad applications, 7.9 inch multi-touch display and, of course, high-resolution screen.

4. Next, 100 points provides you with iPhone 6, which has 250 hours of battery on standby, 8 MP camera, 4.7 inches display, high-resolution screen, etc.

5. What is more with 250 points you have a possibility to became the owner of Cannon EOS 6D, which is featured with full HD video, a full-frame 20.2 megapixel sensor, inbuilt GPS and lightweight construction.

6. In addition, 500 sales means Macbook Pro! Keep in mind that it includes such awesome features as 13.3 display diagonal, 8 GB RAM, SSD, powerful Intel Core i5 processor and only 1.6 kg weight.

7. Furthermore, 1,000 points let one get incredible Harley Davidson Street that is perfect for an urban life and has Revolution X V-Twin Engine, liquid-cooled, high stability and comfort while driving plus luxurious paint-and-lacquer coating!

8. To end with, 10,000 points brings one marvelous Tesla Model S, which has smart-card ignition, world’s electric vehicle #1, touch screen navigation and 17 display with internet access.

It was a whole list of the available awards. Looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Now, when you saw these attractive prizes, would you like to know how to get them? Without a doubt, you would! For these simple reasons, let’s take a closer look at the project!

About Social Stock

Have you ever heard about this project before? Be sure it has quite simple rules and is open for anyone, so one do not need to have some extraordinary skills if they want to take a part in Social Stock. Now you know about the awards but, still, there are other pluses that the project has! Actually, with the help of Social Stock you can easily help your friends, relatives and followers to get gorgeous and well running sites for their personal or corporative needs. To make a long story short, you have an opportunity to help someone to save on buying premium website themes from their inventory. Thus, all of the users will be provided with the unique promo-codes that bring 10% discount on the different useful templates, created by TemplateMonster. What is more, the discount may be used with any theme from huge TM’s gallery, (now it has more than 60 000 of stylish templates for different purposes and various types of business) plus one can use this promo-code to get such best-sellers as Monstroid WordPress Theme, Styler Prestashop Template, Wegy Joomla Theme, etc. Moreover, the code in question can be used by anyone who wants to buy some website themes made by TM. All in all, all you have to do is to share your own promo-code with your friends or followers on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular networks! How you can get your promo-code? Gently speaking, the system is pretty easy and the promo-code will be automatically generated by the service and sent to your valid email just after the registration.

How to inform other people about the Social Stock project?

Do you think that there were all the great aspects about the project? Well, now we are happy to tell you that there are a lot of the informative, helpful, cute and even funny things created for your convenience! Shortly, one will get a cool set of bright banners that will certainly catch an eye of your pages’ guests! Besides, you will be provided with a pack full of various memes that may be used for social networks to express your dreams and emotions. Furthermore, we also propose one to use some demotivators and a lot of samples of ready-made text messages! Needless to say, they will be a nice solution for sending your inimitable code to everyone who is in your contact list. In addition, you will have other ready-made texts for your emails! Seeing that, the only action one should to do in order to take a part in Social Stock is a quick registration right in your profile. What are you waiting for? Just share this useful info with the world! Don’t hesitate to use any texts or images that you enjoy, add your code in the place of the default one and send it to the people around you.

How to figure out how many points I have collected with the help of other people?
Logically, when everything is done properly, you will be interested in the next question: how to find out the number of the points needed for owning a particular award, or maybe you have already collected enough sales for some prize? As expected, you are able to know your points with no effort because the program will repeatedly count your sales and show them in your Social Stock profile, so take a look at the instructions below.

1. Firstly, login into your profile on Social Stock;

2. Then just copy your unique code and put it in the corresponding field;

3. Next, push the ‘Check’ button;

4. Finally, view your results!

To finish with, we have made some other useful features for the convenience of our users! For example, on the top of the page one can see the list showing all the available gifts. There is a button that let one know if they have collected enough points to take a particular prize. Did the button turned green? In this case, just push it if you are ready to exchange the prize for your points. Alternatively, if you have collected some sales to get a small prize but you still would like to get something bigger than iPad – iPhone 6, a charming professional camera, or even the impressing automobile – you can leave everything as it is now and go on getting the sales.

In addition, go and check TM’s official YouTube channel, where one can find more info about an eCommerce website creation, CMS using guides, different thematic templates review and other supporting information that will definitely help you, since all the videos were made with love to our work. Still have any questions? Stop wasting your time! Just visit TemplateMonster’s Service Center and get more detailed info about launching the eCommerce site of your dream. Also visit TemplateMonster website and view a full list of the brightest and premium multifunctional templates to find the one that will be perfect exactly for your type of online business! All in all, do your best on the way to the dream as today there is nothing impossible for a modern person!

P.S.By the way, there are a lot of other magical projects provided by TemplateMonster! For example web studios and web developers may be interested at TemplateMonster’s Web Studio Catalog which allows them to get more orders from the potential clients. Additionally, be free to view their affiliate program.

And now it’s time to view some outstanding examples of multifunctional templates, created by TM!

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