Easy methods to create digital signatures in Mac


Nowadays PDF files, important office works and other necessary papers require a digital signature. However, getting an absolutely authentic digital signature can be a tricky job.  Mac offers you the best and the easiest solutions for these signatures. In fact, with Mac you create your signature in a few second and incorporate them easily in your office documents. Following are some innovative tips for creating digital signature in Mac.

How to create a digital signature for PDF files?

The latest OS of Mac comes with a revamped application for your previews. This in-built application has a proper Digital Signature feature which will be pretty handy for signing your PDF files digitally. In fact, if you have multiple signatures then too this preview can be of much help. It offers you the feature of saving multiple signatures in the application itself. However, while creating your own original digital signature, you will have to use the iSight camera of Mac in order to capture your original, authentic signature.


How to set your Digital Signature on Mac?

  • Begin with launching and downloading the preview application. After this, visit the preview and choose the ‘preferences’ tab.
  • When you choose ‘preferences’ you will find an option called ‘signatures’. Click the option.
  • After opening the ‘signatures’ you will get a ‘+’ sign. Click this sign, and you will soon find a blue screen popping up before you.
  •  Now, you have sign on a proper and distinct piece of paper and hold it before the iSight camera. Make sure that the camera is as authentically placed as possible. You will also have to ensure that the camera aptly rests on the blue line of the screen.
  • Keep a glance of the ‘Signature Preview’ option in order get a proper and apt view.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the alignment click on the ‘accept’ option to capture and create your digital signature.

Follow the same steps for multiple signatures on Mac. However, only the Mountain Lion, OS X lion and the Beyond of Mac lets you create these signatures.

Inserting signature on PDF files

  • Open your required PDF file and click on the ‘annotations’ tab.
  • After clicking this tab, you will find a stylized version of S. Click on it.
  • Clicking on this S, will offer you various options to place and insert your signature. You can also resize the signature, with the resizing options present in this tab.

How to create digital signature in mails?

Apart from preview, Mac also comes with another application called Mail which automatically lets you create and insert your personalized digital signs in emails. Here, you can also create different signs for different mails.

  • Launch this app from the dock menu, the finder or the applications folder.
  • Choose the option called ‘preferences’ (on the upper left portion) in this app. You will soon find a series of options.
  • Click the option called ‘signature’ where you will find the ‘+’ options. Now, use this icon to create your own signature.
  • After creating the signature rename it and save it. You can also create multiple signatures in the same procedure.

These guidelines will surely help you create and use signatures in app. So, get going now, to create your authentic digital signatures in a jiffy. 

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