GetResponse vs Mad Mimi; The Ultimate Face-off

They say, ‘money is on the list.’ Do you know why?

Email subscribers are your potential buyers as they choose themselves to get your emails.

As Google keeps on giving birth to new animals and birds (algorithm updates I mean), no one can’t promise you a steady organic traffic. Due to excessive URL sharing, your social media websites can also be terminated. But still, you can rely on email lists because they are your real audience waiting to get your emails right into their inboxes.

When it comes to email marketing platforms, you have got a bunch of options to choose from; of which Get Response and Mad Mimi are two mainstream items.

So today, I am going to compare these two email marketing platforms.

Get Response vs. Mad Mimi

Are you ready to witness the ultimate battle between these two email marketing warriors?

#1. Number of Templates

Getresponse Vs Madmini_1

Even though we have some valuable stuff to share, the way how we present the same is crucial. No one will ever listen to you if your presentation is clumsy and tedious. That’s why you should design your newsletters carefully.

In Mad Mimi, you will get only one template. Aw!! I am not kidding. You should satisfy yourself with it even if you have multiple websites to use newsletters.

Then, comes Get Response like a boss. They provide more than 500 templates using which you can customize each mail according to the context.

#2. Affiliate Marketing Compatibility

Getresponse Vs Madmini_2

As we are bloggers, email marketing serves us as the best way to do affiliate marketing. Your subscribers are your potential buyers. You can’t get a higher conversion rate from anywhere else than from your email list. That’s why they say ‘money is on the list.’

But sadly, Mad Mimi does not officially support affiliate marketing.

To rub salt into the wound, they prohibit a few type of content from being sent. Suppose, you want to send mail on make money online, Mad Mimi just blocks your email. That’s how their algorithm is set up.

Get Response wins here too with complete control over your emails. You can send emails on any topic (not offensive) and promote any product to your subscribers.

#3. Landing Page Creator

Getresponse Vs Madmini_3.jpg

A Landing page is any page on a site created solely to capture leads.

If you want to grow your email list, you should use a landing page on your website. So email marketing and landing pages are two sides of the same coin. That’s why Get Response incorporated a dedicated landing page creator with them.

But you can’t find a landing page on Mad Mimi. Even if it’s not a necessity for email marketing, you can definitely skyrocket the conversion rate with landing pages.

The diversity in templates is available for landing pages too.

#4. Design Tools

Getresponse Vs Madmini_4

I have already talked about the availability of built- in templates on both Mad Mimi and Get Response.

So I think it’s time to compare both services regarding design tools. Mad Mimi and Get Response offer a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor to help you ease the newsletter creation.

But in Mad Mimi you can’t have advanced design elements so an extensive newsletter making is not possible in it.

At the same time, Get Response has got everything you need to create an effective email newsletter.

#5. Other Useful Features

A responsive support is required for any website that sells something. In my opinion, live chat is the effortless way to get support. Sadly, Mad Mimi lacks live chat support while Get Response has it for 24 x 7.

Getresponse Vs Madmini_5

Another exclusive feature of GetResponse that I want you to know is their time travel facility, using which you can time your email to be sent at a particular time. It is useful for those who have a lot of foreign subscribers.

The live preview of GetResponse allows you to see how your email looks like both on mobiles and computers as well. Mad Mimi fails here yet again.

Have you heard about double optin? It works like a filter for your subscribers to keep your list highly targeted. Get Response supports double optin whereas Mad Mimi does not.

Bottom line

Email marketing is an amazing to reach the target audience and enhance the business communication. Besides, it is more likely to reach the potential customers with this cost-effective tool. So, you should give an extract care to pick the best email service provider to send to newsletters with high deliverability assurance.

I have compared the key features of GetResponse and Mad Mimi, so that you have recognized their excellence.

Now tell, which is the best?

No doubt, it’s Get Response.

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