Have you ever played rummy online?

If you have played cards, then you must have heard about rummy!

Playing the 13 card rummy game has been a favorite pastime amongst Indians for decades. There is something uniquely amazing that once a player learns to meld Rummy games successfully, the learning is hooked within for life. But with the coming of the digital era, the rummy card game continuity faced a stiff question to either perish or transform online in order to survive successfully.

Thankfully it chose the latter!

The emergence of Online Rummy!

What seemed like a desperate need to survive turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it heralded a complete new set of game admirers. The rummy card player who would at best be a favorite in his local circles got a chance now to showcase his skills to a national audience.


Playing rummy online!

Players who had grown up playing rummy cards had no problem shifting to the online realm! Rather they enjoyed the methodical structure, fair play, and most of all the significant cash rewards offered in online games!

One of the biggest advantages of online rummy is that it can be played at any time at any place. Unlike real playing cards wherein you need another player to set up a game. In online game you will always have a player and a table for you to play rummy 24×7.

Technological Advantage!

One of the biggest assets of technology is that it makes processes easier. To play in today’s digital era, you just need an internet connection and subscribing to a premier gaming house to ensure you have a brilliant gaming experience!

Many gaming houses like Sachar Gaming Pvt Ltd. have set up dedicated products like KhelPlay Rummy to cater to the rummy loving crowd outside. Needless to say, it was an instant hit! KhelPlay Rummy is offering 13 cards Indian rummy game to thousands of card game lovers across India via their site and mobile app, and most of all it pampered its players with rewards to die for!

Winners rejoice with international trips like Thailand. Winning the prized IPhone 6s, Tab, Smartphones, 24K Gold Coins, and lots of amazing cash prizes!

Breaking the ‘Taboo’ and Playing in a Safe environment!

The rummy card game for a long period of time was associated with gambling. It was only after the Supreme Court of India called it as a game of skill that the social ‘taboo’ over it was lifted. There are many clubs where you can play rummy card game and test your skills.

Playing online has thus emerged as the safest place to play the game, and stay away from the other casino vice. Many online gaming sites like Khelplayrummy.com have developed to enjoy the game of rummy as a game of skill and casual entertainment.

The Future!

Finally, online rummy’s success can be attributed to one key factor, the players. It’s their love for the game and ready to adapt and learn to play rummy online that ensured longevity for this skill game. That was watershed moment that allowed it to trump other card games and be the most popular card game in India.

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