How to know if a betting site is secure?

Betting and gambling have always been judged into 2 perspectives. Some think of it as a good thing while others consider it as bad as a crime. Well, whatever the people might think, it is one of the most booming industries and why wouldn’t it be? Gambling and betting have a lot of money which can make people from a normal person to a billionaire. The best example that fits here is Dan Bilzerian who became a millionaire by winning a game of poker and has become one of the most famous arms dealers since then.

There are a lot of betting or gambling mediums but the one that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent time is sports betting. The most amazing thing about sports betting is that you don’t have to be present there with the set of bookies or other bet placers as it can be done without being present there.

Modern betting

Since we are living in 2017, everything must be taken over by technology. When it comes to betting, it seems like technology has also made it a lot advanced as bets can be placed through betting sites. Betting sites have gained a lot of popularity among top betters as it is one of the most convenient ways of placing a bet. Speaking of convenience, it might come as a threat as well as many online betting sites are not safe.

Secured Betting/Gambling

When it comes to the safety of the betting site you are going for, nothing comes close to which offers a list of top 10 betting sites which are safe for users to bet on. focuses on features that help in differentiating a safe betting site from another.

  1. Qualys SSL Labs Grading

When it comes to the security of a betting site, it can be classified into different grades. The grading is done by the Qualys SSL Labs which is the most trustworthy grading website. Qualys helps in not only grading the website according to its license and strength but also in terms of security of the website. Starting from All the way down to F, Qualys evaluates all the websites fairly.

  1. HTTPS Protocol

If a betting site is having the HTTPS at the starting it implies that the website is up to date when it comes to modern security measures. If you are using Google Chrome it automatically informs users about an HTTP website which you are about to visit and also specifies that it is not safe to proceed. Google Chrome helps in identifying the safe site and also provides all the information about it with a bit of trickery.

When you are visiting a safe site, all you need to see is a Lock or Double Lock sign at the start of the address bar which when clicked gives all the security information about the website.

  1. Using Wallets instead of Cards

Even if a betting site is secure, users shouldn’t completely trust the website. One of the most amazing things about technology is that it allows us to make payment to a particular vendor or website via multiple types of payments. E-Wallets are the best example of it and users should always use E-Wallets in the transactions that they use to pay to betting sites. This eliminates the risk of card details getting trapped with the website.

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