How to Make the Best Use of Website?

Anyone who wants property related information can obtain virtually all of it on The information provided here does not pertain to news items and general real estate trends. The information provided by is specific to the cities that it caters to. This information is further broken down into locality specific information so that someone who is interested in a property in a specific area can know more about it.


The portal has been designed to start property search and close it by obtaining a home loan; all at the same place. was established initially as a property search website. The other feature facilities were gradually incorporated when the demands of consumers was realized.

Currently, the major features of can be divided into the following categories.

Property Search

The very beginning of the page allows choosing from a number of options- Rent, Buy, New Projects, PG & Hostels, Land and Plot Projects. Choosing Rent or Buy allows a person to explore the properties of that category. All that the person has to do then is to choose a city and start the search. The search criteria includes the home type and the budget. A person is then presented with a circular map wherein he/she can further filter search basis the availability of amenities like swimming pool, full furnishing, gas pipelines etc.  Each property is listed according to the number of bedrooms in case of apartments. A person can switch to a Grid view by the click of a button.  The more a person zooms in, the greater the number of properties come into view.

Similarly one can search for new projects and plots. Apart from photographs, there are 3-D views also available-especially for New Projects.

Property Trends

Suppose a person is looking for flats in Gurgaon. This person would not merely be interested in the type of the house but (obviously) in the price and in the area where the property is situated before considering an investment. has installed a Data Science Lab to research property trends from demand data. The data scientists at this Lab use the latest statistical techniques and technology to extract information from large volumes of untapped data. Interesting results have been found by the “drilling” from such data.

Now on, one can find out localities in cities where the demand is high or low. One can also find out the average price of renting or purchase. Similarly, one can even find out whether a property in Gurgaon is “child friendly” or not. Child Friendly properties are ones where a locality comprises of amenities like parks and schools which would make it easy for parents to bring up young children.

There are similar other insights available for further exploration.

Home Loan

One can even apply for home loans also using the portal. One can ascertain one’s eligibility criteria and also compare various home loan plans. Some of the biggest names in the financial sector are now associated with the portal. And all these home loan companies provide loans at competitive rates.

Property App

Those who want a lean version of can now opt for the app which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

In Conclusion started out as a property search portal and has evolved into a single repository of knowledge and services of real estate. It has also become an active provider of homes as well as home loans.

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