How to recover deleted photos from Mac

No matter what type of drive users lost data from Mac, as the professional recovery software, Coolmuster Data Recovery for Mac can help users access Mac drive or other types of storage device. According to statistics shown, it is up to 95% of lost files can be recovered even after emptying Mac Trash. With the information technology developing greatly in recent years, the probability of data loss is gaining much higher than previous. For example, users often lose photos from hard disc. Moreover, the worst thing is that the precious file loss may cause the serious economic loss from users’ company. In such situations, as the Top Solution for Mac, Coolmuster Data Recovery is the best choice for recovery data. But unfortunately, most of users have no idea of how to recover the files. Therefore, this program will be informed in details. Actually, with Coolmuster Photo Recovery for Mac has powerful scanning techniques, users can recover lost files no matter how they lose the files or what kind of disk they are using on Mac. As long as the files can be detected, the operation for recovering files can be processed successfully.


There are a few kinds of scanning functions in this program by which deleted data from Mac hard drive can be scanned throughout various methods including quick scan and deep scan. Especially, erased photos from Mac can be retrieved from damaged partitions. As a matter of fact, the lost photos are not really permanently gone as they usually saved in the drives or certain partitions that they were saved previously. The premises of doing so are that the files space is not marked by other new files to re-write over or occupy. In this way, it is not hard for users to understand well that it is possible to recover lost files including photos, files and videos if users can quickly act before the files is re-write by new data. One thing that users need to take well note is that Mac system is unable to recover the lost data by their own function. The third-party solution must be provided the recovery operation.
It is quiet easy for users to find out the latest version of Coolmuster Data Recovery on the internet and then download and install it to the Mac computer. Users can make certain choice to select function in the program interface to scan partitions or drives that suppose to recover the lost data where they located. For photos files, there is additional function of “preview” for users to preview the found files. By clicking “recovery” icon listed in the interface, users can choose the safe path to store the targeted photos to process recovery operation accordingly.
As Coolmuster Data Recovery can support almost all files formats such as .jpg, .doc. and .mp3 for NTFS & FAT32 file systems, users need to separate the files to store the recovery data. This is user guide: how to recover deleted files from Mac. Furthermore, deep scan function of the program could double the probability of recovering files. Users can manually operate this function in recovery processing.

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  1. Remo Recover is also an excellent software than can recover lost or deleted photos, videos, music files and other data files from your Mac hard drive…..

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