I forgot my Windows 8 admin password, how to reset?


Forgetting your admin password in your Windows 8 computer is very likely considering the numerous passwords that you have to remember for all your internet accounts. This could be a big problem because if you cannot open your account, you will not be able to use your computer, which might a great inconvenience on your part. You can open your email account or your social media network account in other computers but you will never have access to files that you have stored in your computer.  If you need them for work, you will not be able to get them. This makes it important that you reset Windows 8 password to log in.

There are several ways to reset your admin account password and this has been made easier by the new features of Windows 8. Here are some ways to reset your forgotten password for your Windows 8 admin account.

  • Login to your Windows account through your Microsoft account. This can be done by going to the reset page of Microsoft account.  Then, you will be given instructions on how to change your password. After you have changed the password, you can now log into your computer using the new password.
  • If you lost password for your Microsoft account, you can reset it using the online form of Microsoft. You can use another computer to find the form and complete it. Make sure to indicate an email address or a phone number where the code to reset the password will be sent. Once you receive the code, you can now change or reset the password. Use your new password to log in to your Windows 8.2
  • You can use software designed to recover password, you can find several password tools in the internet that can be downloaded for free, like iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery tool .   Use another computer to do this and burn it on a CD or DVD.  Insert it to your computer and choose it to reboot your device. After this is done successfully, you can now find the account with forgotten password and reset it. You can now log in to your computer using your new password.
  • Use Password hint from Windows to recover your forgotten password. This is possible if you have set “hint” for your password. Every time you type a wrong password, a hint will pop up. You can give this a try until you hit the right password. However, it is not guaranteed that you will recover your account.
  • You can use another local account available. If there are several of you using the computer and each of you has his own password, you can ask the other user to log in to the computer. After he has logged in, you go to computer management screen. Then, open the group and local users. The accounts in your computer will appear. Select your account and click reset password.  After you have changed your password, you can now log in using the new one.

Knowing how to reset forgotten password will help you get immediate access to your Windows 8 and see files you have stored in your computer.

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