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If you are looking for ways to earn online money, you will end up with results like Blogging, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and website designing. Well, the Internet is a vast place and there are numerous ways to earn money.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and used methods to earn money online and has been in the market since a long time. However, there are various things associated with Google AdSense. A person needs a lot of patience to get his AdSense account approved and it can take up to months. The process of payment is also not transparent and the ways of money withdrawal are limited.

In this scenario, Infolinks comes as a perfect alternative of Google AdSense. It can also be said that Infolinks is even better than Google AdSense in few aspects. For example, Infolinks offers a wide choice of options for withdrawing money like PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer and takes a maximum of 45 days to make funds transfer. Unlike Google AdSense, getting an account approved on Infolinks is much easier and hassle free.

Working Procedure Of Infolinks

Infolinks has changed its working procedure and now it uses a 2 step process. Earlier, Infolinks used to have a three step process where a visitor will have to hover on a hyperlink on the web page which will then open a small dialogue box and whenever the visitor clicks on that dialogue box, it will be treated as a one click. Infolinks use a click per pay process which means higher the number of clicks, more the money.


However, the process has bit changed now. The three step process is now a two-step process and as per new process, you will get paid for every click and every view which means if a visitor even views the ad, you will get the paid. Yes, the click per pay is now view per pay which results in a better income.

How To Install Infolinks On your web page?

Infolinks integration into a web page or a blog is as simple as taking a walk in a park. The very first step is to create a publisher account on Infolinks. We would suggest you to use a referral link for signing up for Infolinks as Infolinks is running a referral campaign.

According to this referral campaign, your friend will get 10% of your total earning through Infolinks if you use his referral code for signing up. Once you are done with creating an account, you need to paste the JavaScript code in the website’s body section.

The process is even easier for WordPress users as Infolinks offer a WordPress Plugin which can be used for direct integration of Infolinks into the website. Unlike Google AdSense, you don’t need to worry about ad placement as

Infolinks automatically detects where it needs to be placed. Setting up Infolinks is a child play and it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to do so.

Types of Infolinks Ads

Infolinks basically offers five major types of ads which are:

1. In-Fold Ads

2. In-Text Ads

3. In-Tag Ads

4. In-Frame Ads

5. In-Screen Ads

Infolinks Referral Program

It is possible to make some extra bucks through the referral program of Infolinks. Yes, just you have to refer some fresh publisher to Infolinks and get 10% of the money earned by them for the first 12 months. 



I can’t think of any reason for not going with Infolinks and using it for earning money online. Infolinks offers a high level of customization which means you can customize the ad as per you need. In this highly competitive world, earning money is not easy but, it can become less difficult with Infolinks.

If you are looking for an easy way to use your websites for earning money, Infolinks is the best choice. Try it for yourself and you won’t regret it.

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