Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal space program is a physics game in the sense of word. It is an actual literal text book full of science. It’s a game where the consumer needs to know priapism and apoapsis mean.It is a game about gormless, wide eyed cartoon characters who wants to be astronauts.The comparison between goofy cartoon and hard-core science is what gives Kerbal Space Program a game that demands serious thought and at the same time charming.In this game you need to help Kerbals, inhabitants of Kerbin planet to reach the outer space and land on Moon and the planets beyond.


The game is a construction sandbox in which the customer put together the various rocket pieces, putting together the tanks and all sorts of sticky bits. There are three phases Design, Launch and fighting phase. The player has to keep his rocket stable.The player gets the feel of the space by the way the game is designed. Kerbal space program has been development since 2011 and has constantly been evolved from that moment. Kerbal space program lacks the immediate pack up and paly appeal of Mine craft.

It’s the kind of the game that the player can play for 100 hours without exhausting the potential and at the same time it is engrossing, entertaining and charming. This game is about the space travel. It gives an experience of authentic space travel, the kind that the player gets by sitting on top of explosion that is controlled. It looks and feels like a cartoon but is entertaining where you can design and fly your own rockets.


The first build was released 2 years ago, the current version is known by the name sandbox. It includes seven planets orbit the frictional star of Kerbol. The planets and moon are placed the same way as they are in reality. The crafts the players build take time to sail through the space system. Rocket must be built with utmost precaution and knowledge and must sail through the planets. The art of the same comes through the practice and determination.Upon the completion the flag is marked on the soil and celebrate the winning of the player.

Recently the wheels have been added that allows the players for the space. The number of planets and space crafts that you can build is also a challenge.  There are limited resources available for your program. Kerbal space program requires the player imagination to its sandbox and raise your own performance.

Updates are released from time to time for Kerbal space program; the current version lacks the career mode. The interesting part of this space program game is imagination that we can use to explore the different areas of the space. The more we practice and imagine the better we become to win the game. The player can freely design the game and play around with the planets and orbits. Challenges like creating the space ship entering the lower orbit or making the space craft that can enter the moon and come back using the limited resources. So it is an interesting game which also improves the creativity and knowledge of the player.

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