Lifeband Touch: Review

In order to sell a product, advertising isn’t enough. One needs to develop something unique and think out of the box. In the same way, LG developers have designed a unique wristwatch.

As most of you know, there is more to a story than what meets the eye, similarly, LG workers have been working hard for years to develop Televisions, Wristwatches, Refrigerators and so many more products. What’s unique about these products is the fact that they are smart!

Manufacturing and selling a normal air conditioner is easy, what’s challenging is how we manufacture a smart air conditioner. Today, we are living in an era, where human brains work to develop smarter human brains.

The latest LG smart device is a wristband which is computerized to provide track workouts and help the user burn calories. In order to use this wristband, the user must first download the LG Fitness app on their iOS or Android device. After doing so, the user can sync it with his/her phone and there you have it a perfect device to look after you.

Once synced, the wristband is capable of controlling the music tracks being played via phone. It also alerts the user about the incoming calls and emails.

LG watch

The display

The drawbacks of the Lifeband start from its display. The finger long display screen of the wristband is a huge disappointment as it doesn’t have automatic adjustment settings. In sunlight the display is impossible to be seen. The settings do not permit to increase the brightness. This is the first and a major blunder by LG since a wristband is a device worn usually and mostly outdoors.

The wristband displays only Black and White. The company should have worked on developing a screen which could display zippy colors and could be clearly readable even under direct sunlight.

 The fitting

LG’s Wristband comes with a bendable plastic band for straps which are frankly not so comfortable. The wristband is also quite heavy and therefore it can be irritating. The designers should have been aware that different people come in different sizes. For some the wristband may be absolutely lose while for some others it would be an uncomfortable fit.

However, on the brighter side, the wristband is quite easy to wear.

How it work

The Lifeband is very easy to use. Before the user begins the workout, he must tap on the timer of the wristband. Later, the phone with which the device is synced to will display the route for running. It also gives additional information such as the distance, the speed and the calories consumed.The number of steps the user walked throughout the day is also counted and recorded by the Lifeband.

The device vibrates at regular intervals to inform the user about the approximate percentage of distance that the user has covered. The wristband may also vibrate at random to give the user orders such as “Move” or “Stretch”. For reluctant people, who want to workout, but find themselves too lazy, the commands given by the Lifeband is quite useful, as it encourages you to reach your goal and not give up in the middle of the road.

Incoming calls and Emails

The Lifeband informs the user about incoming calls and emails, however, it doesn’t let the user answer the calls. As far as the emails are concerned, on receiving an email, the wristband vibrates displaying the sender’s name and the subject. However, none of the contents of the email are displayed.

To sum it up

LG made brilliant attempt to bring out a smart wristband for its users. However, the flaws of the Lifeband were more dominating. The wristband lasts for 5 whole days when the battery is fully charged too. But there is nothing so compelling about the device that it makes its place in the “Must Haves” list.

LG’s Lifeband hit the shelves of US markets last month and were being offered for a reasonable $150 only. The wristband will be made available in few countries of Europe and Asia soon. India, on the other hand, is expecting the debut of the Lifeband next month.

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