Micromax To introduce Cyanogen Smartphones for Indians

Micromax is planning to launch new devices in Indian market. Now, they might come up with the new OS based on custom Android ROM maker, CyanogenMod. Yes! Micromax is setting up the plans to introduce this new device by the end of this year (2014). But there is no word about its official date till now. Cyanogen is most popular and best OS for the Android enthusiasts. It is making a good market in the China as well by teaming up with the Oppo. In China, Cyanogen based OS is already running on smartphones successfully.

The most interesting news about Cyanogen is that, Google desires to buy Cyanogen. But, according to reports, Android Chief was much impressed with the offer and tried to manage the Cyanogen with the Android Stock Team. CEO of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster has refused the offer because he wants to raise the funds and increase the popularity of new OS to the world. The intension of the Cyanogen clearly show that the company is trying to go in the same path as Palo-Alto and Seattle companies which made huge money.


Google has more than one reason to buy Cyanogen. With the strong base of the Cyanogen, Google will try to present the Android in a new mode and destroy the competitors of Android. After all, Micromax is also the partner company with the Google in Android. Micromax has already proved that, making money with the mid-range phones with the best specialized features. From last year, the craze over the Micromax has reached too high and settles as a leading brand in India. Now, they are trying their luck with the Cyanogen OS, though the Android has good  market and reaching the expectations every time.

However, Samsung leads the smartphone market with the 25.3 % and Micromax with the 19 percent. But, in Q2 2014, Micromax crosses the Samsung’s market share with the difference of 4 percent from Q1 2014. By this extraordinary performance of Micromax over Android market, they have taken the chance to prove it again. Google has launched its first Android One, with the domestic brands in India such as Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. Now the investors are little bit hesitating to come up with the Cyanogen OS, but the company has implemented a promise value  added services and make a good market.

Let’s see how the new partnership goes further. Although Cyanogen is famous, it stuck up with revenue like most of the companies. After rejecting the Goolge’s offer, Cyanogen is looking forward to the Series C round which may fund $1 billion. This might be the reason for declining Google’s offer, because they know that their company may get more money than Google offer. On the other hand, coming with new OS on the well stable market is the problem of Micromax. But taking risks and end up with success is the secret of Micromax.

If Micromax’s paternership with Cyanogen get success in the market, brand new Micromax smartphones would be introduced in Q4, 2014 and it is likely to the third device powered by Cyanogen after Oppo N1 (CM edition) and OnePlus One. We have to wait and see for further information about model and the future of Cyanogen in India.

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  1. great news this is, Micromax is become top Trending company in Mobile phones in india. after Samsung many people Prefer Micromax, recently i also watch a TV AD, in which announced that Micromax going to launch LED and LCD in India soon. thanks for sharing this info about Cyanogen.

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