Microsoft Smart Watch – Everything You Need To Know

Like many gadgets that spread wide and then become trendy, smartwatch is the latest gadget which is gaining more and more popularity as different manufacturers are taking an interest in developing and launching one of their own. Microsoft has been rumored for quite some time to come up with its own wearable device.

While Microsoft blatantly refused to comment or give out any information about its interest in launching a smartwatch of its own, an insider of the company, reportedly claimed that the tech-giant is keen on entering the race, and will do so very soon.

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Tom’s Hardware which is a tech based website, recently released a lot of information about Microsoft’s intention in developing its Windows Smartwatch. According to the reports, which was later confirmed by the sources, is that the Smartwatch will feature cross-platform compatibility. Inculcating such compatibility will definitely prove to be an advantage as the users will have the liberty to synch the Microsoft Smartwatch not just with the Windows Phone operating system, but with iOS and Android as well.

Speaking of striking changes from the mainstream, Microsoft takes a completely different approach from the others in the market. Apparently, Microsoft’s Smartwatch will sport a display on the inside of the wrist, while usually other Smartwatches and even ordinary watches have the display set towards the outside of the wrist.

The difference in design was made to maintain the privacy of the users. The conventional method adopted by other leading manufacturers, displayed the contents on the screen which was free to be viewed by practically anybody in front or standing behind the user. However, with this design, the user can maintain privacy. Although, the method and idea was unique, it is mocked and questions regarding whether the device can be called a Smartwatch are being asked.

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Further, the Smartwatch designed by Microsoft is said to be Slimmer than most other Smartwatches. Having said that, it is safe to presume that the Smartwatch is not just slimmer but also lighter in weight when compared to its rivals. Other comparisons suggest that Microsoft’s Smartwatch is a more Flatter version of Nike FuelBand, packed with 11 sensors under the covers. Loaded with features, the Smartwatch is capable of monitoring the user’s heart-rate, thus providing with overall health security.

We live in an era, where fitness is of great concern. After all Health is Wealth. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft’s Smartwatch will focus mainly on the user’s health and fitness, by providing an array of apps and features, which will let the Smartwatch ensure that you are healthy, no matter what operating system you use.

Although we were uncertain about the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Smartwatch, some reliable reports suggest that the Smartwatch will make its debut around that same time when its rival, Apple will unleash its long awaited and highly rumored iWatch. With two devices hitting the shelves at the same time, it is inevitable that the competition will not just get tougher but also more exciting.

Based on its external description, arguments regarding whether the band is a Smartwatch or a Smart Band is being asked. However, since Microsoft hasn’t officially spoken about its device, its all rumors and speculations. If these speculations are not entirely baseless, it will be extremely interesting to see what Microsoft surprises its users and potential users with.

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