Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Everything We Know

Ever since the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 advertisement made its debut, tech savvies across the world wait anxiously for the exciting smart tablet.

Microsoft’s most awaited launch attaches the word “smart” before itself since it is packed with exciting and sophisticated features which no one can possibly resist. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is already capturing people’s attention across the world, and the latest topic of discussion is its launch date.


The Big Surface Pro 3 Debut

The company has indeed confirmed that it will launch the Surface Pro 3 on June 20th. However, only the people staying in the United States and Canada can rejoice the early release. Potential customers have already started booking the gadget in advance.

Sadly for the rest of the world, speculations about the big launch of the device suggest that Surface Pro 3 will be available sometime in August. The dates have, however, not been confirmed yet.

The Big Features

As suggested earlier, the reason why Microsoft’s third version of Surface Pro is catching so many eyes is essentially because of the unimaginable sophisticated features and the fineness with which it has been designed by the developers. One can simply not say no to such an amazing device.

The Display

Large screens have been in fashion for quite some time. Gone are those days when people used to carry tiny screen keypads with them.

While the previous version of Surface Pro carried a 10.6 inch full HD display, the latest model will carry a full 12 inch ClearType full HD screen.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will be 9mm thick, and almost 800 grams in weight. The device will offer a magnanimous resolution of 2160 x 1400 pixels, which has increased when compared to the previous version.

It certainly looks like the new Surface Pro is set to overtake its predecessors, not giving its customers any possible reason to complain, at least when it comes to the display.

The Memory

It is no rocket science! The Surface Pro 3 will most certainly run on Windows 8.1, the latest Windows version. The device will be offered in two different models, i.e. the 4GB RAM and the 8GB RAM.

On the other hand, the external memory storage ranges from 64GB to as much as 512GB. Imagine how many movies, songs, games and apps one can store with so much space available!

Microsoft has given a wide range for its customers to choose from, and therefore it is a smart move. With this, the customers can choose which model they want as per their convenience.



What’s New?

If you think that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is just like the older version except a little bigger, you are certainly wrong! The latest Microsoft model comes loaded with exciting new features you wouldn’t have expected.

The Redmond company showed no hesitation while announcing its most awaited Surface Pro 3. The company also promised that it will offer a brand new docking station for the brand new gadget. Now, that’s a good deal. But that’s not all, Microsoft is also offering a kickstand along with the Surface Pro 3. The new kickstand has undergone a number of changes, thus offering a higher degree of flexibility. Now, you can access your Surface Pro 3 even in the most bizarre angels.

The company also tied up with Intel and therefore potential customers can choose from a variety of core processors, to get the Surface Pro 3 that suits them the best. One can opt between i3, i5 and i7 processor.  Surface Pro 3 offers a roughly 70% larger touchpad. The increased size of the touchpad will hopefully ensure reduction in friction and direct impact.

The SmartTablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 isn’t just a tablet, it is a Smart Tablet that has many people across the world waiting for its release. Hopefully it will be as exciting and promising as Microsoft claims! Until then, we can only wait for the big debut of the big tablet.

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