Phone tracker online – A great tool for tracking your staff

Phone Tracker Free _ Mobile Tracker

If you are engaged in IT business, you are likely to know that your employees handle large volumes of information daily that they receive from the Internet. To keep up successful work, it’s necessary to conduct active monitoring and tracking personnel online in the workplace during working time to achieve maximum performance from each employee.

We do not have warm feelings for the invasion of privacy of the staff. However, leaving the team without supervision is equal to killing own business. Therefore it is necessary to resort to such not truly honest practices to ensure a successful business, which in turn makes it possible to achieve a high level of wages and create good conditions for the workers in the office.

Phone Tracker Free _ Mobile Tracker

Means for monitoring staff

Phone tracker online is the best thing that can let you track your employees. And it is invisible for any gadget user. This type of software can keep records of the phone user in a background mode during working hours. The tracker has many useful features to help you create a complete picture of the activities of personnel in the workplace.

One of the most popular is the function of monitoring keystrokes, allowing you to read the correspondence with clients, Instant Messaging, and emails. So the opportunity to find out what your staff is doing. Accordingly, there are a lot of moves to create a suitable incentive program aimed at improving the company’s performance as a whole.

Also, the program can monitor the changes in the operating system from monitoring the installation of new programs to the creation of folders and files. This feature is very popular with the failure in the operating system to find the cause of the failure. It records all activity in conveniently readable log files, which are stored and automatically sent to the mail administrator of the company.

Another popular phone tracker function to control personnel is monitoring visited Internet resources. Now it’s possible to make the log files for each user, showing how active employee uses the information resources of the Internet, whether this person uses one or multiple sources to find information and whether those sources are reliable or not.

What you don’t have to monitor

In our business, we stick to the policy of minimum intervention and trying to get the employees self-aware of what is required from them. Of course, for new workers (as the initial training) we can give an accurate list of informational Internet resources, but usually, we’re doing everything possible to learn how workers can work independently. To do this, you must limit the useless pastime, set complete control over the traffic used by Internet resources and staff activities in the workplace.


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