Reclaim your Internet privacy: Say yes to VPN services and Smart DNS!

Web activity was always meant to be private and secured, away from the hackers on the look for vulnerabilities in the system and industry giants pouncing on the users for big data. Internet was never meant to be this way, and with the latest revelations of Snowden on how your data isn’t safe and secured as you might assume, it is time you must reclaim your internet privacy with the use of a VPN service and Smart DNS. With CactusVPN and Smart DNS services, you can vouch for your total internet security, supported a wide range of devices, and without compromising on your internet speed or bandwidth.


Cactus’ VPN services offers secured and anonymous unlimited internet browsing thatlets you shop and transact online securely without worrying about hackers. It lets you anonymously browse the web without the need for opening up your sensitive data to interceptors or even you’re ISP. With their latest Smart DNS services you can also grantaccess to geographically restricted media streaming and other such websites. With your data getting encrypted on their private VPN servers, it prevents any and all kinds of spying and hacking that will make you enjoy your internet browsing just like the good old days. Even public open Wi-Fi networks are not as safe as one would have imagined, instead they make a case for more spying and hacking activities, given that these networks are very vulnerable to attacks. Enjoy stable connection with CactusVPN and Smart DNS — all with simple configuration processes to avail you your piece of secured internet browsing over different browsers and operating systems.

CactusVPN services


CactusVPN software is a tool that lets you earn your right to internet privacy with their powerful VPN protocols and service. A VPN is a physical server that acts as a link between your server and the internet, carefully encrypting your data to provide you with ultimate security and privacy. Now you can anonymously surf the internet, securely connect to private hotspots and even download torrents that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible, given the restrictions placed by your ISP, who are adhering to country specific internet guidelines.

With the use of a wide range of VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and Softether; CactusVPN services are the first VPN providers to have included the latest SoftEther protocol, released earlier this year. These protocols provide encryption of the highest order and each one of them is a best fit for a specific set of tasks and purpose on the internet. The high amount of flexibility that CactusVPN offers to its customers when it comes to choosing a protocol for their anonymous browsing is a feather in its cap.

Cactus Smart DNS services


There are many media streaming websites that are very country-specific and are not accessible to people outside the geographical limits of their offerings. These geographical restrictions on media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can easily be bypassed with the use of Cactus Smart DNS services. The Smart DNS has made available over 100 different media streaming websites that are geographically limited.

Now you can stream unlimited amounts of media from your favorite providers, without any speed or other location-based restrictions.

You must be happy to know that CactusVPN is offering discounts of up to 80% on their services on the account of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Make the most of the offers and grab up the deal during 24th November to 3rd December for a safe and private internet browsing.

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