Split Large PST Files to Reduce Outlook Data File

To get along with the disruptive technology, Microsoft Outlook has been one of the most preferred email clients in organizations. However, large PST files have been one of the complexities associated with Outlook and there is recurrent demand to split PST file by users.

PST files contains two file formats ANSI/UNICODE, where ANSI files Support up to 2MB and UNICODE have maximum storage limit of 50 GB. In case of large sized UNICODE PST files, it is difficult to efficiently manage with slow running of data and constant PST files corruption.

Saving loads of data regularly in PST can substantially increase its size and finally degenerate the performance of Outlook making the file more liable to corruption. To revive the capability of Outlook, it is needed to reduce the size of PST file. The size of the file can be reduced if it is split into smaller PST files. Third party applications like Split PST tool aids in providing solution to divide large sized PST file accurately.

Product Description

Split PST utility divides large sized Outlook PST file into smaller parts. A distinctive feature of the utility is its extensive personalized functionality covering the aspects like split PST folder wise, date wise, year wise and most importantly size wise. The original PST file remains unchanged in its saved location.

Software Specification

Program: SysTools Split PST, Version: 4.1

Download From   http://www.dl.msoutlooktools.com/setup-split-pst.exe

Supported OS: Windows 8.1 and all other previous versions

Price: $49

Technical Requirements

Hard disk space – At least 10 MB of free hard disk space

RAM specification – 512 MB of RAM is required but 1 GB is usually recommended

Processor Speed – 1 GHz is required but 2.4 GHz is recommended

The requisites mentioned above are the fundamental ones and so one will not find any difficulty when it comes to installation of the application on the system. The software gets installed in few clicks and one does not need to necessarily reboot the system which other utility prompts generally.

Users Need To Follow These Perquisites

Some of the essential requirements that the users should follow before initiating the application are as follows:

  • Microsoft Outlook should be installed and configured properly with a valid Outlook profile but the Outlook should not be configured with Exchange.
  • If the Operating System installed are Windows 8.1/8/7 or Vista, then you have to activate the utility in “Run as Administrator” mode.

Main Functionality of Product

This tool breaks down the large sized PST files and makes Outlook run faster than ever before. With a simple interface and all the options you’ll need, this is indeed a great option for users who largely face the complexities while handling large sized PST files.

Split by Size: With this option, you can easily break a large-sized PST file into smaller ones based on a common size. You will need to mention the PST file size range from 5 MB to 10 GB and the application will generate the PST file according to the given size.


Split PST by Date:  You can split PST file according to date. Here, when you mention a specific date the software will split Outlook PST file by date in two sections. One part of PST file will contain the data ‘of and before’ to the particular date while other part will contain data ‘after’ the mentioned date.


Split PST By Year: If you want to break down the data in your PST file according to year, then the split by year option will be convenient for you. Mention the date and the software will split files according to it. The output in this case would be a PST file that will contain data of selected years.


Split PST by Folder: You can have many smaller PST files for every folder. It will create separate PST file for each Outlook folder i.e. inbox, sent items, deleted items etc. You need to specify the size of each PST in the interface and the utility will generate PST all of same size based on folders of Outlook.


In addition to the notable splitting features, it allows to save the Output generated PST files in the desired location of your Hard drive.

Note: The application can split those PST files which are not corrupted. You need to have healthy PST files in order split PST files.

Free Trial Version

The Trial version of Split PST has a limitation to split first 50 emails. However, for the option “Split by Folder,” you will have to mention the specified size and the software will split 10 mails from every folder like Inbox, Sent items, delete items.

Improvement Scope:

  • If the PST file is inaccessible or reverting back with any error, the users need to repair it first and then only splitting option in the tool can be utilized.
  • The application claims of splitting the PST files by size from 5 MB to 10 GB.Thus, the PST files below 5 MB cannot be splitted.
  • The software takes input for PST division in MBs which can be inconvenient for some users. It would be better if selection can be done in both MBs and GBs.

Performance Rating

Considering the tool functionality and overall performance, we can rate this tool as 8/10.The software allows you to Split Large PST File according to your requirement: UNICODE/ANSI file formats. Thus, it gives us the flexibility to use the files with 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions of the MS-Outlook.

The software provides a progress report in a CSV file format which the users can save it and latter refer it according to their need. The program boasts of working out all the split options with accuracy while keeping the original file untouched. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your data getting lost. It also makes easy access for hard drive to access data from Outlook .This significantly reduces the time which is taken by the application to get active and run successfully.

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