The New iPhone 6 Leaks

Conjectures, Speculations, Rumors and then Leaked Images, are a part and parcel of the tech-freak world that we live in. When we hear of a new gadget from the manufactures, we start speculating its features, then the big question arises What’s New?

Apple’s two new iPhone 6 variants have been in talk for quite some time now, well lets just say when iPhone 5 made its debut, most savvies started thinking about the 6th edition. We always want something new, bigger and better than the predecessor.

For months, the upcoming mobile device by Apple, was being constantly compared with other mobile devices of the same range such as its predecessor iPhone 5, its rival Samsung Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note 3.


The Leaked Images

Apple is the brand which thinks about what the customers need before they even know it themselves. According to the set of images that have been posted on Twitter, the new iPhone dummy models flash a 4.7 and 5.5 inch display screen.

On June 13th the Australian teenager welcomed iPhone 6 on his twitter account. Last year, an  Australian teenager made himself famous, by constantly posting Apple’s iPhone 5S images, much before its launch. Sonny Dickson, has done something similar this time too, by posting pictures of the iPhone 6 dummies, placing the 5.5 inch and the 4.7 inch iPhones side-by-side.


Since these images are just a leak, we cannot check its credibility on any grounds whatsoever.

The Curved iPhone

Gone are those days, when people across the world wanted to settle for straight! Now, people prefer curves, and so they get them!

As per the leaked images which may their debut on 13th, the next generation iPhone 6 will be packed with curved edges and stunning looks.

The First Look

So many speculations can take birth by just looking at an image. The leaked images which display the two variations of iPhone 6, show a sleek and slim body in white. A circular home button placed in between, below the screen adds value to the look of the device. According to many rumors, the home button of the upcoming iPhone will be surrounded by a rich gold colored rim, just like the one iPhone 5S holds.

 The Rear View

On the top left hand corner, the images portray a rear camera and a flash. Since the leaked images do not display the Apple logo on the rear side of the mobile phone, like the other iPhone devices, we safely assume that these pictures are that of dummy models. The rear view of the model also shows 2 buttons on the right hand side, which could be the voice controlling buttons for the device, similar to the ones present on iPod touch.


The iPhone 6 Release

The leaked images are not the only new updates we have received about the upcoming iPhone. According to a recent report, the next generation iPhone will pave its way to the markets on the 19th of September.

Rumor has it, that Apple developers have been experimenting to achieve a high resolution screen with 960 x 1704 pixels.

Rumors and speculations are only what people talk about. The above given information, does not have any credibility because these are mere speculations. However, Apple fans across the world are waiting in anticipation for this amazing launch.

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