Top 10 Fun Android Apps

From sending emoji-laden WhatsApp messages and jiving to the latest numbers on or watching a movie with the headphones plugged in, today’s smartphones can handle it all. Android is Google’s masterstroke Operating System that has been holding the sway in the world of smartphones  for a better part of the last decade.

Why not use your Android phone for beating boredom?? Stuck in that long, lonely commute to home via public transport?? Or is it just one of those days when the blues make it difficult to get out of your sheets??


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Here is a list of ten fun-filled Android Apps headed to your rescue :

1. TALKING TOM – Talking Tom is  a free application which has registered over 50 million downloads ever since its introduction on the Play Store. You get to adopt a baby kitten, and you will be the one to help him grow into its adulthood. This virtual pet will need you to feed him, nurture him and also play with him.

     Sounds fun, right?? Talking Tom will become a part of your everyday life.

2. iFUNNY APP – If virtual pets aren’t your thing, you could try the iFunny app. It is a gateway for hundreds of funny photos from around the Internet. Containing some very witty remarks, these photos will definitely bring a grin on your face. You also have the option of creating your own memes and rage comics by using iFunny studio.

 3. LOL Pics – This is a competitor to the iFunny app. It brings you similar hilarious photos from all over the web, with the galleries being updated daily. However, it has more focus on Pictures Quotes as compared to funny photos on the iFunny app. Nevertheless, it is a lightweight app and you can have them both.

4. 9GAG – Coming from the popular website,, this app is another source of hilarious photos and videos as well. We would swear by this app, and we feel that this is definitely a better alternative to the previous two. However, it is a paid app on the Play Store. The good news is that it is now available as a free download for a limited time!! So, hurry!

5. Crack Your Screen – Beware, this application is a prank! Just shake your Android device after turning on the app and…lo and behold! Your device’s screen will shatter itself the way it would have after experiencing a free fall from your hands.

Use this app to scare the shit out of your friends!

6. Optical Illusions – Another lightweight app that will keep you hooked on to its storehouse of images that can be visually perceived as being different from the objective reality. We assure that you will stay hooked on to your screen, looking at one image but getting different images from it.

7.  Ghost in Photo Prank – This is one tool that could really appeal to selfie lovers. It is an image processing tool that will add ghostly silhouettes to your images. It has various transparency levels to help it in matching the image perfectly. After editing, you get the option of saving the image to a designated folder on the SD card.

8. Sound Prank  – Though originally devised as an app to annoy people around you by playing some crazy sounds, this app can also be used as an excuse to get off the phone. It contains various sounds ranging from an embarrassing fart to the shrill cry of a baby.

9. X-Ray Scanner – Another application just to share some lightweight moments with your buddies. This application will make it appear as if your Android device comes with an inbuilt X-ray scanner!! Well, who knows if this could become a reality in the coming years.

10. Androidify – Surprisingly, this app comes from none other than BIG G itself!! You can use this app to create various caller pictures of your contacts. The twist in the tale is that the pictures will be variants of Android’s mascot, i.e. the teeny-weeny green robot. You have the ability to customize various body parts and choose clothing options and accessories as  well.

This was just a short list. We are sure there are hundreds of apps out there to give you a funny bone. Which funny app do you have installed in your Android device??

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