Top 5 games to play online

Online gaming is the trend and is becoming the next generation platform for the people engagement. Competing online with distant sitting opponents makes it more attractive and engaging experience. People spend more than 20-30 hours weekly on online gaming, and this is promoting the online advertisement business as well. You get the online virtual credit to play which you can put the stake and double your earning if you win against your opponent. With everything available on your mobile itself, you don’t need to arrange the bulkier desktops; you can play online games on your mobile itself. Today we will be listing top 5 online games played by the users globally. Although it is a tough competition to name only 5 when hundreds of options are available. Based on the user reviews we are able to grab the top 5 which are hit nowadays and being played most.

1. Board Games: Playing board games online is the unique experience. Although you will see the exactly similar things as you see while playing in real. However, the graphics and multimedia experience makes it more fun with numerous color schemes to apply and background music. You will be presented with the simulated board, and all your moves will be animated as soon as you confirm your selection for the move. Once you are done, you will see your opponent making the move and score being displayed for each gain or loss.


2. Action and Adventure Games: Unleash the real thrill and excitement playing the most popular action games online. You get to fight with the army of soldiers or discover the adventure in never seen space or underwater experience. Each game is played around the theme of achieving or gaining something. Rich graphics makes it super awesome experience.


3. Card Games: We love playing card games in real life, although your parents might not allow you to play these so often. But online you can play these whenever you wish to, and anytime you wish to. In card games, we have the range too so many games to play like poker and spades. You will be playing against the opponents from various corners of the world. Winning badges and rank top is the ultimate aim with card games.


You can find out by visiting this Reddit link to find out many card games as the gamers are sharing their favorite card games on this.

4. Sports Games: For the real sports lovers we have sports games online. Those who can’t make it to the field can indulge themselves in the classic sports games. You can play cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, baseball and what not. You can see the animated players moving across the screen and animated crowd cheering for you.


5. Casino Games: Casino games are popular across the world and have the highest viewership over the internet. Bidding keeps the thrill alive to the viewers who are not part of the actual game and can feel the same heat if each single step can turn into their chances of winning or losing. Online websites which give the access to online gambling and betting are becoming popular day by day, and they are earning a good user visiting count per day. Online gambling sites allow you to gamble on multiple sports activities or games at the same time and real money withdraw makes it more attractive to the one who is involved.


There is one place where you can play all these games without going to individual sites. Yes, we are talking about W88 casino, which is one stop solution for all your gambling needs and offers you multiple gambling and bidding opportunity at a single place. Being owned and operated by marquee Holding LTD, you can be sure about the reputation and experience they have earned in this particular sector. They offer you sports betting along with gambling on bingo, poker, and keno. From the emergence, they are continuously doing well and have earned a name that people frequently talk about.

What makes us distinct with competitors?

W88 casino gives you the options to shuffle across various ongoing gambling or betting opportunities. You can switch between sports, casino, lotteries, bingo and poker. For making the smooth transactions, there will be a single wallet per account which will be available across all modes and will ease the betting transactions. Friendly user interface displays the ongoing odds in different formats. Being supported in multiple languages makes in the most popular site in the East.

How is Customer Support?

The main language of the site is English. However, it can be translated into several of Asian languages in the browser itself. The customer support staff is fluent in English and passionate to resolve all the customer queries. They have the patience to listen to your problems and will be happy assisting you. Support staff is available all the time which makes you reach them with the easiest of the mode possible to you. You can call them, email them or chat via the online application. This makes you will be served all the time and with utmost priority. They are also running and managing social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. So you can post your queries on their pages as well to get the prompt response.


As you can see, there are many types of games that you can play online and enjoy. Even you can make money by playing casino games as you read above.

So stop waiting and start playing!

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