What Cities Around The World Look Like Flooded Google StreetView

Every year on the 5th of June, people across the globe come together to celebrate the World Environment Day. Google played its bit this year, by sinking our cities in the Google Maps app.

We are all well aware of the various climatic changes our planet is going through. While the snow-clad areas are getting colder each day, the deserts are becoming hotter. Yes, Global Warming is real, and it is affecting us.

CarbonStory, which is an organization funded by the public, undertakes various environmental projects and aims to protect our environment for a better future. CarbonStory, in its attempt to promote the World Environment Day, teamed up with two marketing companies. CarbonStory, along with the two marketing agencies, BDDO and Proximity Singapore, launched a new website which is called World Under Water.


The website is highly interactive and provides all the details concerning the environment globally. The main concerns of the website is Global Warming and how it affects our environment. The website provides the viewer with details regarding the climate change, and the precautions one can take.

In their attempt to promote the World Environment Day, and arouse the feeling of protecting our surroundings, the website was created. As the name of the website suggests, the website actually showed our world and our cities submerged in water, certainly “World Under Water.”

In order to view your own city or locality, all you need to do is enter the address in the search bar of Google Maps and you’ll see your city submerged in about 6 feet of water via Google Street View. On registering with the website, it also allows you to calculate the amount of carbon you emit based on simple details such as number of family members, country you live in and your income.

According to reliable sources, the website, as we all know, is powered by Google Maps, and therefore is exclusively designed to demonstrate the whole experience of watching the world under water, in the Google Chrome browser. However, the website is also accessible through the next best web browser available, that is, Mozilla Firefox.


Google Maps has actively participated in constantly exposing its clients with different ideas. The Street View option of the Google Maps, lets you view literally anything and everything that is present on the street-level, which may include a tree and the road. One can also see their neighborhood and neighbors’ houses. About 2 months ago, Google came up with a new feature where the user could view different places or his own neighborhood, and how the places looked in the past. The past was divided into 7 different time periods and hence you could go back in time and see what your neighborhood looked like and now how it looks.

Environment by and large plays a crucial role in the lives of the people globally. The relationship between human beings and the environment is interdependent. While some of us do not or at least pretend not to care about how our actions affect the environment, a large group of people, are actually actively working on protecting the environment.

Due to Global Warming, the temperature levels across the globe have increased considerably. It is, now becoming, extremely difficult to cope up with the rising temperatures. On the other hand, the snow on the mountains and the glaciers are melting. Environmentalists have also predicted that, in no time the entire world will be found submerged in the water, which will mark apocalypse.

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